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Forging Connections at CFHLA Business After Hours

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The Clean Tec Services team recently had the privilege of attending the CFHLA Business After Hours event held at the exquisite Gaylord Palms Resort. This gathering proved to be an exceptional opportunity for networking and collaboration within the hospitality industry.

As the afternoon unfolded, the Clean Tec Services team engaged in meaningful conversations, connecting with fellow members of the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association (CFHLA) and esteemed individuals from the hospitality and allied sectors. The event provided an ideal platform for exchanging innovative ideas and fostering valuable professional relationships.

The team expresses their heartfelt gratitude to CFHLA for orchestrating this remarkable gathering. Their dedication to creating memorable networking events within the hospitality community is truly commendable. Clean Tec Services acknowledges the importance of such occasions in strengthening industry bonds and driving collective growth.

The event was a testament to the strength and resilience of the hospitality industry, as professionals from various backgrounds came together to celebrate their shared passion. The atmosphere at the Gaylord Palms Resort exuded elegance and sophistication, offering a stunning backdrop for meaningful connections to flourish.

Clean Tec Services takes great pride in being an active participant in CFHLA events, recognizing their significance in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. By engaging in the CFHLA Business After Hours, the team reaffirmed its commitment to building a strong network within the hospitality industry.

Networking events like these provide invaluable opportunities to stay abreast of industry trends, forge partnerships, and explore new avenues for growth. Clean Tec Services remains dedicated to leveraging these occasions to enhance its service offerings and provide unmatched solutions to its clients.

As the Clean Tec Services team reflects on the successful CFHLA Business After Hours event, they are grateful for the connections made, insights gained, and inspiring conversations shared. This gathering not only strengthened existing relationships but also sparked new synergies that will drive the company's continued success.

Clean Tec Services is proud to be a part of the CFHLA community and looks forward to future networking events that promote collaboration, knowledge exchange, and industry excellence. Together, we can create a stronger, more vibrant hospitality industry that thrives on meaningful connections and shared aspirations.


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